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In 1985, Mr. Jose Mario de la Garza Mendizábal thinking about the industrial future of San Luis Potosí, founded the Garza Law Firm, SC
Today the Garza Law Firm, SC has a team of highly qualified and committed lawyers with their clients.
With offices in the city of San Luis Potosi, SLP Mexico City and linked via a computer network edge which has the largest and most comprehensive legal collection computer. The Garza Law Firm, SC offers its clients a specialized service in the various areas that comprise it.Each area is composed of lawyers to provide advice to customers ensuring excellence so that the matter entrusted to the firm is managed by one or more specialists in the field.


Labor Law

The labor law is responsible for regulating human activities lawful and provided by a worker as an employee to an employer in exchange for a fee


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Family Law

Family law is the set of legal rules and institutions governing the personal and property relations of family members.


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Civil Law

Criminal law is the set of legal rules governing the State's punitive power, involving facts, strictly defined by law, such as budget.


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Trade Law

Commercial law or business law is the set of rules for traders in the exercise of their profession.the legally qualified commercial transactions


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